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Project Security: Keeping the Girls Safe

Melody House is located in a suburban neighborhood.  Most homes on the island have a fence and gate system for security reasons.  The local Social Service agency is requiring them to get this project completed.  The girls living here are victims of abuse.  Providing this added security will help the girls feel safer.  They have also had an issue with people coming onto the property at night and stealing fruit from their approximately 100 fruit trees.  This fence would also prevent young boys from sneaking onto the property to visit the girls.  Currently, the staff have all girls complete their chores before dark and padlock everyone in the house each evening.  


This project entails putting down 2-3 levels of cinder block, (rocky terrain) a 5 foot tall chain link fence, and razor wire on top surrounding the front portion of the property, the house and chicken coop.  Approximately 1050 feet of fencing.


We are hoping to install a fence around the perimeter of the property and as well as an electric gate to provide the additional security to keep the girls safe. Melody House currently has a manual gate system.  Someone needs to walk to the gate and unlock the padlock.  Having a motorized gate system would be safer and allow them to keep the gate closed during the day and only opening it when needed.  This is another item the increases the safety of the girls and staff for the home.  The Social Service agency is also requiring this project be completed for safety purposes.

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